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 RC Drone Shadows: First Strike 1.1

Terrorist Vehicle has been entered in City, you are working as a drone pilots to fly the drones from military base. You have list of modern drones to smash every kind of terror attack in city, rc drone with a flying camera with hi tech missile for simple strike attack, stealth bomber t-34 [drone packed with missile warfare, machine gun and target chasing bomb for stealth game to ultimate war, this black death stealth fighter is ready to fly at army base, rc helicopter have sky rocket known as fly smasher for aerial fight with enemy drones, quadcopter which is ready for protoype designed for ground war as well as air master and can be controlled by airman with wireless rc controller have fps drone camera and 3rd person dron camera, thunderbirds drone called as ultimate war drone once flew over and shoot the missile, this can chase target avoid obstacles and hit the target with very good accuracy, some other drones like reaper, rc helicopter or rc copter are also available for ultimate war situation like bomb's away.

Game Play:

Ultimate Drone Attack Simulator is an action game with thrilling drone warship gameplay where you will play ultimate drone war simulator pilot to simulate the drones to destroy the enemies car and terror war drone and activist chopper. As we know that terrorist car has be enter in the city, so we have to elite force drone or swat drone to eliminate the drone terror attack before missile war start. Fly your hawk like a drone shadow or rc drone to overwatch the enemy car. when you found the enemy car, set your aim ] rogue use your hawk eye and put the reaper bomb on their throat to cut them into pieces and earn your badge. This game have 20 enjoyable and full of action drone strike missions. when you complete your mission you will get the reward which you can use to unlock new drones and also can play higher level of the game.

Features of Drone Attack 2018:

- Fly or simulate 15 different type of drones UCVAs, some of them are in prototype and others are officially in service.
- chasing target or guided missile, machine gun and rockets and other cannon missile are ready to fire to eliminate the terror's car
- Survive your self, defend your country or city strike or escort in 20 mission from steal to open world like a real world air fighting simulation
- FPS drone camera, rc drone camera and third person smooth follow camera to cover the every angle of aerial sky viper
- Like real world traffic simulation and AI (Artificial Intelligence) enemy cars
- Drone guidance system Minimap to get the direction of target.
- joystick for left and right movement and also for lifting
- joystick for drive and strafing
- HD stunning beautiful graphics and very realistic air battle environment
- Fire button to shoot and hunt the suicide bombers cars and bikes sent by enemies in your city.
This drone combat rogue game is very simple yet very exciting and full of fun, fight and stealth game. So, lets ready your war wings of drone and jump into the modern drone war simulation and fly the modern realistic drone with realistic drone flying physics with very easy air flight control. This game also offers In App purchases to remove ads so that you can have more fun to destroy the enemy rc helicopter, drones and cars. So, good luck drone racing commander, you are leading the ultimate drone warfare police, specs ops and black ops uav equip with gunship drones like bombs, guns and missiles.
This game is free to play yet supported with IAP to remove ads and get extra coins to unlock modern rc drones.

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