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 PangHeli: Crazy Chaotic Unlimited Ops Combat Copter 1.3

The most powerful and crazy helicopter in the world must survive a storm of enemy fire. The combat heli faces increasingly difficult levels in a never-ending challenge. Enemy weapons and Boss will be a real challenge to the limits of your skills.
Resist as much as possible to the attacks by enemies in this new, original, dynamic action/arcade side-scrolling. Hit the ballons to get bonuses (invulnerability, fuel, double shot ...etc) and kill the invading aliens. Pay attention to the final boss: you'll need more than one shot to kill him.

How to play: use the left buttom to activate a double shot: the rotor (to hit the ballons) and the grapeshot to kill the enemies. 

Run a top down swipe in any part of the screen to move the helicopter vertically.

The colorful balloons give you different bonus malus: 

the white balloon: increases the firing rate of the rotor 
the green one: increases the power of the fire 
the black one: opens passages in the rock
the yellow one: gives you invulnerability for 20 seconds
the black & red balloon increases the speed of the helicopter (malus) 

features: two distinct shots (rotor and grapeshot) / bonus malus balloons / special final enemies (Boss) / amazing jazz soundtrack (mixed by Barabba) / sharing on your favorite social network, you can challenge your friends to beat your high score /  additional features available

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    2. 4. 2017

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