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 Nextgen Car Crash Racing 1.0

The stadium arena is filled with car game enthusiasm, ready to experience car crash game with exciting stunt car crash? So download the super exciting car crash game offering all new crash simulation. The stadium crashy car game is hosted by the city Mayer with stunt cars and ramp tracks all set to challenge your car racing appetite!
The car racing game involves stunt smash cars of various colors equipped with trendy sizes to suit your racing car preference! Each crashing car values high on its sponsor betting on the best derby demolition to own its credit in the car fighting game. What are you waiting for! Be a part of the car crash simulation to witness the racing mayhem in the stadium!
The crashing car is now equipped with car destruction latest technology along with smooth engine drive to accelerate your experience of the derby demolition crash simulator. The derby car possesses distinct car destruction features with distinct powers to cause major racing mayhem in extreme crash car driving! Practice extreme car crash driving in the car stadium environment to a never ending thrill!
The chosen crashing car needs to be positioned in car crash simulation driving game to cause destruction in the stadium car environment and smash cars. All other cars are evil spy’s causing hindrances between you and your target! Spot and smash cars with powerful stunt derby car stadium ramp track stunts!
Addition feature which makes the car crash game super fun and challenging includes limited time spans to achieve car destruction and racing mayhem target for each new level on the ramp track in arena.
Each target takes you closer to the next challenge or level of the car crash simulation derby demolition.
The stadium car racing environment is addictive in terms of thrill and wreckage which urges you to ask for more derby demolition car crash experience!
The race car game involves interactive features which makes it a fun car game full of challenges making you enjoy ten folds more! The racing game includes onscreen nitro boosters which allow you to alter the
intensity of the speed with each car destruction and ramp track stunt. A never ending thrill of the car crash simulation game racing crashy adventure! The free fun driving game holds more spectacular features awaiting you! You can renew your smashed derby car at any time of your crashy adventure, good as new! Tired of your same featured cars? Now
you have access to many new specification cars like speedy cars, bumpy cars and many more to double your fun in the free driving car crash game!
Now with all the speed testing and accelerator controls available onscreen the crash cars will be able to perform extreme car crash driving on the stadium ramp track! The driving car crash game consists of various challenging stadium ramp tracks holding different shapes and precarious hurdles to test your indestructible capacity.
• Begin to play game
• Choose the derby car and its color
• Start the level
• Using onscreen controls to cause racing mayhem
• Using the controls perform car crash destruction!
• Fulfill car destruction and stunt ramp track targets in time
• Follow next level of car racing game
• Racing game simulation
• Stadium environment for fun car game
• Endless driving car crash game
• Different types of crashing cars
• Change cars type at any time
• Different sizes and colors of derby car
• HD graphics
• 3D simulation
• Onscreen features like speedometer
• Speed boosters like nitro
• Designed for all ages and genders
• Derby car repair in any time span
• Different featured cars like speedy cars, bumpy cars etc

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