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 Happy Family Grandpa Simulator 1.0

Everyone loves their grandpa, as a dedication to all those loving grandpa’s in the world this game goes out to be played for a fun family adventure where the children have the best time with their favourite and most beloved grandpa!!!
Your mother and father are going on a holiday for two and for staying back you want to stay with your grandpa because he is very caring and loves your family a lot! Your parents take you to his house in this virtual reality family simulator game.

Now that you have arrived at his house he is very surprised to see and welcomes you very lovingly!! Now is the time to have some great fun with you caring virtual family grandpa!!
Since you came by surprise he couldn’t clean his house and it is very messy because so now together with your grandpa, get the house cleaning!! This is the best family time where you could gather up and do fun and active family activities together!!

Next that you have helped in cleaning the house with grandpa, it is time to help in the cooking part of housekeeping!!! You all love to do cooking and so does your grandpa so let’s get cooking!! You will go with your grandpa in the kitchen and make a nice dinner by following the recipe!!
After the housekeeping cleaning and cooking you move on to playing with grandpa. Grandpa has to take the children for a walk and play with them like grandpa do!! Grandpa can also greet with the next door neighbour and say hi!!

There are also the pets to care, and plants to care and garden!
Remember, in the grandpa simulation virtual reality game. Your player will not be the children but the grandpa, so perform all the fun family activity tasks with your grandchildren and make the most out of their visit that maybe at the end they care for you!!
So clean, cook, protect, care, play and do multiple family activity housekeeping and enjoy fun family time in family adventure virtual reality family simulator family game!!!

Use the on screen controls to perform the family activities and other tasks!!
Remember, the activity tasks are time and target based so complete the targeted task in the targeted time and have the most fun in virtual reality grandpa, family simulator family game!!

• Virtual reality game.
• Virtual family simulator with multiple gender and age family members!!
• 3D simulation.
• Time based task game.
• Navigation plus target based simulation family game.
• Multiple family activity tasks.
• On screen controls to improve performance feature!!
Fun and virtual visually pleasing graphics for engaging the player!!

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