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 Fire & Ice Puzzles 1.0

Remove all fires by using ices, stones, and pipes. Looks easy, but it's tough.

The game will gradually introduce new concepts as you complete more levels.
All the rules you'll need to know to finish the game are as followings.

[Basic rules]
A. Objectives
1. Remove all the fires to complete a level.

B. Using Ice
1. Ice is created diagonally below you in the direction that you are
2. Ice created next to another object such as a jar, stone, ice, or
wall will "stick" to it and become "secure". Similarly, ice with
support from below is also "secure".
3. Ice may be pushed or dropped if the ice is not secured.
4. Ice may not be placed directly above a burning jar although it
may be placed one level higher up.

[Advanced rules]
A. Physics
1. Ice is a "smooth" surface and will slide across the floor until
stopped by another object or until they drop down through an
2. A stone is a "rough" surface and will move only 1 space when
pushed. Stones pushed on top of ice won't stop until a rough
surface is reached.
3. Secure ice or Dana can support infinite weight from above.
4. Ice not attached to walls or other secure objects or are
not supported from below will drop down until solid ground is
5. Removing certain ice blocks can cause chain reactions.
6. Once a jar is ignited, it can never be cooled down.
7. Ice directly above a fire will not melt.
8. You may only push blocks with nothing adjacent to them. 2 blocks
are needed to form "secure" objects.
9. Pipes can still be entered if you are one level lower than the
pipe itself.

B. Strategy
1. Ice can be used to form steps to reach higher ledges.
2. Ice "bridges" can be formed to reach other areas.
3. Many levels require you to set up blocks for later use.
4. Not all the blocks or objects provided need to be used.
5. Stacking blocks is a useful tactic.
6. Play it safe by creating blocks before you destroy them.


Here are the obstacles you will encounter in the game.

Blocks: Just your regular run of the mill walls. Nothing special.
Fires: Remove them with the aid of your wand.
Ice: Come in many lengths.
Jars: Come in either hot or cold form.
Pipes: Come in different shapes and lengths.
Stones: Are both indestructible and heat-resistant.

All levels are resolvable, so don't think it's impossible when you get stuck.

Good luck!

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