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 Corint Pinball 1.0

Shoot the cute balls and clear the fun and mysterious stages!

Corint is a whole new game that combines pinball, coin dropping, puzzles and slingshots!

Download Corint now for free!

Enjoy fun and mysterious levels with vivid graphics!

A Corinthian game is a simple game in which you shoot a ball and put it into a scored hole in the levels to compete for points.

This game is based on the Corinthian game, and is a completely new game full of fun tricks and effects!

Enjoy fun, entertaining and mysterious levels, sometimes collecting coins while defeating monsters that block your way!

Stay tuned for more fun and exciting levels in future updates!

- Simple rules!

The number of balls is predetermined for each level.

It is OK if you clear the level before the ball runs out!

Once you've cleared a level with a monster, a forked road will appear.

After clearing the level, go through the clay pipe that appears and advance to a new level!

- Simple operation!

Swiping the screen up & down determines the firing power!

Tap to fire the ball!

No matter where you swipe or tap, anywhere on the screen!

・ Level introduction

Meadow Course, with a refreshing breeze and babbling brook

Desert Course, where the desolate and dry world spreads

Forest Course, with suspicious trees and singing insects

Deep Sea Course, full of mysterious creatures

Silver Mountain Course, covered with snow and cold ice

Burning Lava & Heat Cave Course, spreading deep underground

Castle Course, where bosses blocking the way await you

・ Future updates

We will add various levels and more fun elements!Stay tuned!

・ You can enjoy Corint completely for free!

※Some images use designed by freepik.com

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