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 Airport Flight Simulator 3D 1.0

Best Flight Simulator on Store for free download. Play & enjoy!
Become a best Pilot take your plane in to the skies and fly higher, Are you ready to unleash the most realistic Flight Simulator experience with smooth controls Fun and challenging missions from emergencies, rescue missions, rough landings, fires and races. Select your plane and experience the ultimate flying simulation on mobile phone.
You will get to fly high quality aircrafts with unique missions, fly through the rings and make it to the finishing point. You will be guided through quick and easy flight simulation tutorial, try out different and exciting flight levels that will put you in the cockpit of some of the most recognizable planes and aircraft in the world. Pick passengers from one airport to the other in different city in passenger aircraft. Earn money and buy a new bigger and faster plane to fly. You will get two modes in this Airport Flight Simulator 3D game, in each mode there are missions to complete.
Unique Flight Simulator Missions
- Rescuing People Stuck in the Sea
In this mode you will get tons of levels to fly and face different challenges rescuing the people stuck in the sea you need to rescue them in your aircraft within the given time.
- Evacuate Injured People from the Desert
Some tourist went to explore the desert and one of them is injured you need to evacuate them before any severe injury occur. Take your Flight and reach to the destination to rescue the patients.
- Train yourself for any situation
In this level you will get a strip of rings and you need to pass through it without any colliding and avoiding the obstacles to get yourself trained for better flying experience.
- Role of Fire Extinguisher
Perform the role of fire extinguisher and extinguish the fire on the building carrying water in your aircraft before any fatal injuries.
- Saving Fisherman
Pilot you have learnt your flying skills time to save a fisherman who is drowning in the sea, Rescue him.
- Always ready to Help
In this level you need to help your fellow pilot who is at low fuel and needs your assistance, you need to help him by filling his tank.
Best Airport Flight Simualtor 3D: Airplane Takeoff Sim
Being a Flight Simulator Pilot is not an easy job to do you will always be call for duty any time, enjoy the best weather conditions, day and night cycle with clear skies, tropical rainstorms, thunder lightning and more. When flying around the sea you must check the map and try not to get lost or it will cost you your fuel and time, you need to drop passengers on time in this Airport Flight Simulator 3D : Airplane Takeoff. Landing a huge airplane can be tricky, be sure to reduce your throttle down to slow down the plane to prepare for landing, always look for the runway signs when landing, you have to be very careful while landing your plane or you might get crash. Use your piloting skills to land your airplane on the runway to fully stop the plane and let the passengers off.
Features of Airport Flight Simulator 3D: Airplane Takeoff Sim :-
- Real Life airplanes and aircrafts to fly
- Tons of unique flight mission and objectives
- Massive, high quality open world with amazing detailed locations.
- Free flight mode and lots of unique missions.
- Accelerometers for tilt controls, also button controls.
- Get very cool view of plane and the environment.
- Passengers pick and drop levels for the first time in Flight Simulator game.
- Amazing and realistic sound effects.
- 3D graphics and User friendly UI.
- Plane Crashed and smoke effects.

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