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 VAR Port 1.2

VAR-Port is a Virtual Augmented Reality Port, where user can find all they need to experience 360 content with look controls for multiple scenes/angles, various 3rd Party VR/AR apps that can be accessed in VR mode and in the near future have social interactions in personalised 3D environments. For our stage 1 release VAR-Port offers a first to market, innovative VAR-studio: an easy to use browser studio interface that will allow 360 content creators the tools to upload multiple scenes or angles and create look control navigation when in VR mode, with simple drag and drop actions, published in real time via a branded account within the VAR-Port APP, for public or private audience viewing.

Create your own VR app library with 360 video with multiple chapters/angles that can be navigated via VR headset with look controls (no mouse or controller required), as if there in person. Additional features will allow content editing, effects, stitching... the VR Studio interface, makes anyone a VR Professional, no developers needed to present your 360 videos for 'Full Screen' or 'Split Screen' View. Download our demo app to understand the potential now, coming soon in feb 2016 you can try our free VR Studio trial or subscribe to a plan that suite tyour needs (sotrage capacity options). You want a professional VR experience for your 360 contents? Well it's here without the headaches or process needed to achieve just that.

VAR-Port is solving a huge problem than 360 content creators currently face, with the VAR-Studio any user can now upload multi angles or scenes from any laptop, than sync content, drag n drop in order to allow the end user (app viewer) seamless navigation controls to move by looking at hotspots within a 360 video, from VR externally navigate with a mouse or controller. VAR-Port turns your 360 videos into a professional delivery via your app, allowing VR audience seamless back to back VR experiences in your customised VR world, most importantly taking virtual reality into a social experience a.g. browse and eplore all our private or public user apps that are instantly published in the VAR-Port, n oneed to wait for app development or submissions to app stores, the content is instantly available ater user clicks publish!

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