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 ArtsBreak: Creative photo edit 1.0.10

Express yourself and make stunning photos. Use our creative visual effects and filters to make your photos different and unique as you've dreamed them. With ArtsBreak, there are endless customisable possibilities.  
No account creation needed, no Ads.

Enhance your creativity and reveal the artist that you always have been.

With ArtsBreak you can simply edit your image with basic editing tools as contrast, saturation, crop or go beyond with our powerful features and adjustments.

Create many arts effects using one or two images. Apply our powerful effects like Glitch, Pixel, Mosaic and more. Edit your image until your complete satisfaction. Use the eraser to add or remove the unwanted effect.

Editing tools:
- Crop, rotate, mirror easily.
- Adjust contrast, saturation, bright, light, hue and shadow.
- Add Vignette, focalised blur, sharpness and noise.
- Adjust or simply add geometric transformations by resizing, changing perspective or add fisheye effect and much more.
- Select the colour to keep on your image and fine tune it.
- Transform your photos in two different manners from the size menu.
- Apply stunning filters.
- Create your own amazing setting and save up to ten settings then apply it in one click on your photos series.
- 16 colours for more fun.

Artistic Effect:
- Edit background or foreground image at anytime using all the features.
- Move the foreground to your wished position.
- Create detailed double exposure.
- Cool double exposure filters that can be applied on any Art's menu with background and foreground.
- Disperse your image on different backgrounds.
- Apply Glitch and Pixel effects.
- Use the Matrix masks to create more visual effects.
- Apply the Russian Dolls. Move the image and apply rotation for a unique effect.
- Create Mosaic using up to 8 images.
- 16 colours for more possibilities and fun.

Powerful Tools:
- Use the eraser to delete partially the unwanted effect or add it where ever you want.
- Use the mask eraser and adjust it for your convenience.
- Switch the erase effect.
- Powerful undo-redo.
- Help menu than can be displayed at anytime as you wish.
- Compare your image to the original any time from all the menu.

Because we care about your satisfaction, your feedback is always welcome.
Have a question or suggestion? Contact us: support.artsbreak@lyss-consulting.com

Privacy policy : https://www.artsbreak.com/appprivacy
Terms of use : https://www.artsbreak.com/appterms

Tutorials available on our website. Check for it!

Don't forget to Tag #artsbreak_app #artsbreak_ when posting on Instagram you may found your photos featured on the @artsbreak_app.

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