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 Pine – Bitcoin Wallet 1.2.0

Pine is a bitcoin app for sending and receiving money among your friends and family. It looks like a messaging app but instead of sending messages you are sending bitcoin.

‣ Familiar design

Pine’s messenger-like design makes it instantly familiar to use for anyone who has used a messaging app such as WhatsApp or Messenger.

‣ Easy-to-use addresses

Add your friends using their Pine addresses, which are similar to email addresses. Get an @pine.pm address or host your own server with your own domain.

‣ Natively global

Bitcoin does not have any borders. Transact freely with anyone anywhere in the world – they don't even need to use Pine, as long as it's bitcoin.

‣ Full control and ownership

Your keys, your bitcoin. Only you are in control of your funds stored with Pine.

‣ Decentralized and open

Just like bitcoin, Pine is designed to be open and decentralized. The app and server software are open-source and you can host your own Pine server with your own domain if you prefer.

‣ Protected using your biometrics

By signing transactions with Touch/Face ID, you are the only one who can spend your funds. This prevents unauthorized payments if your phone would end up in the wrong hands.

‣ Recovery

A recovery key is used to generate your account. By safely storing this key you can recover your account in case you would lose or break your phone. By default, the recovery key is stored in your iCloud account.

‣ Connect your own bitcoin node

You can run your own bitcoin node so you can broadcast and validate transactions without having to trust anyone. Running your own node can also improve your privacy by not revealing what transactions you are interested in.

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