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 PlaceChase NYPL 10.0

Part scavenger hunt, part immersive exploration of one of New York’s favorite institutions, PlaceChase NewYorkPublicLibrary is definitely not your parents’ tour guide. Go beyond the what that everyone sees and get out of the tour-group crowd. We’ll give you the who, what, where and when while also exploring the untold stories of how, why and so what? Experience the real New York at your own pace.

This Chase explores 6 Places in and around the Fifth Avenue main branch of the New York Public Library, and will take you a little less than 2 hours.

PlaceChase NewYorkPublicLibrary explores the past and present of the wondrous institution that is the library on Fifth Avenue between 40th and 42nd Streets. Uncover the stories of the men and women who made it, of those who sought to stop its being made, and of those who changed it along the way. Marvel at the leap of imagination that turned this from a sanctuary for the rich into a refuge for the city’s everyman. Explore what’s actually in the Library, and what was here before it.

PlaceChase is a great way to explore the City on your own or with friends and family. Kids will truly enjoy the Chase and its competitive take on sightseeing. PlaceChase will entertain, whether you are on a vacation, a day out in the city, a first date or are celebrating an anniversary, as a tourist or a native New Yorker.

As you explore the NYPL, we offer 6 opportunities for a deep-dive, clearly identified on our map. Experience them in their entirety, or dip into them as whim dictates. We suggest a route that incorporates all 6 Places, but you may enjoy as many of them was you want, in any order you choose, in one session or over time. Along the way you will be asked trivia questions related to each Place, that you may answer to score points if competition is your thing, or simply skip if you are just interested in exploring the oft overlooked nooks and crannies of the Library.

Once downloaded, no GPS or other connectivity is required. Once purchased, the Chase is yours. You can play it as often as you like and share the experience whenever you choose.

You may enjoy your Chase in a single session or over time, whichever works best for you.

There are no in-app purchases, no data sharing and no advertising.

PlaceChase NewYorkPublicLibrary is just one of a growing family of NYC-based interactive scavenger hunt-based tour guide apps. Try them all!

Happy Hunting from the PlaceChase Team!

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