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 Cooltra Prime 1.1

Do you like high-end motorbikes? And electric ones? What about the liberty of using a high-end electric motorbike whenever you need it, just for the time you need it, without having to worry about maintenance or parking costs? That is Cooltra Prime.

With this service you can locate and reserve a premium electric motorbike from the app and pick it up at the available parking hubs in Barcelona, the airport and other nearby locations

If you already know eCooltra, you can’t miss trying this service. It is the only app in the world that offers high-end and 100% electric scooter rentals. Welcome to the revolution of motosharing 2.0, where vehicle sharing is useful, sustainable and Prime.

With Cooltra Prime you can move around Barcelona, Sabadell, Sant Cugat, and even reach the airport. You can do all of that in a 125cc vehicle with 4 different driving modes, a maximum autonomy of 100 kilometers and a speed up to 120 km/h.

The motorbike includes two helmets, heating for your hands, a wireless support/charger for your phone, reverse gear, and a unique sporty design...

How does the app work?

1) Reserve your scooter. Select your vehicle in the nearest parking and reserve it. You have 15 minutes to pick it up. Tip: you can get more parking info by clicking on its icon.
2) Find your motorbike. Look in the app for the license plate number and match it to a scooter.
3) Start the ride. Press Start Ride in the app, unplug your scooter and look for the helmet inside the seat. If you need the second helmet, take the key and open the top case.
4) How to open the top case? Under the seat there is a key. Place it in the top case lock, turn it 45º to the right and push it in. Put your hand in the hole behind the lever and pull towards you.
5) How to close the top case? To close it, lower the top case lid, turn the key again and put the key back under the seat.
6) Get on your motorcycle! Press the POWER button to unlock the handlebar. Now press the same button again to turn on the motorcycle and the screen. Brakes, red START button, and enjoy the ride!
7) Where do I park the motorbike? Search for one of the Cooltra Prime parking hubs through the app. Get close to the ticket machine, wait a few seconds and the barrier will open by itself. Now head to the Cooltra Prime area, plug in your motorcycle using the nearest charger and end the ride.

App Advantages
√ Pay only when you use the scooter.
√ Third party insurance included and full risk insurance available for an additional price.
√ Forget about maintenance and electricity costs, we only ask you to plug the motorcycle in the Cooltra Prime charging point at the end of the ride.
√ Enjoy the first fleet of high-end shared motorcycles.
√ Goodbye to eternal traffic jams, parking problems, or thinking about motorcycle insurance.
√ If you really believe in a better and more sustainable world, join the electric mobility family and help us to continue saving tons of C02 per year.

When can Cooltra Prime be useful?
It will be useful if you have a valid driving license and you are over 25 years old*. Didn't you know motosharing or carsharing yet? Instead of maintaining the expenses associated with a motorcycle or your own car, why not share an electric scooter with other citizens from your city**? Go with a scooter to work, to sporadic meetings, to dinner with your partner, to the airport for an express trip, or whenever you feel like it***.
If you have any questions or comments about the registration process, how to find a motorcycle, how the motosharing service works, or any other concerns write to prime@cooltra.com.

*Registration in the app requires the proof, via photo, of a valid driver's license.
**For now, Cooltra Prime operates only in Barcelona.
***The rental of electric motorcycles is subject to the conditions of use and the offer of vehicles on the map.

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