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 Golf Accountant 1.2

The Golf Accountant will automatically calculate the following bets. Any or all may be utilized simply by assigning a wager greater than zero to the bet.

• Nassau
• Nassau Automatic Press
• Skins
• Dots (Junk- Birdies, greenies, etc))
• Snakes (3 putts)
• Vegas (aka Cart-to-Cart or 6-6-6)
• Bingo Bango Bongo

To use the app, you simply select the number of players (2-4), enter their names, and assign a bet value for each of the desired bets. You can choose to use any or all of the bets, and the Golf Accountant will automatically calculate the results as quickly as you enter the scores.

After each hole, enter each players score, along with any dots, snakes or Bingo Bingo Bongo for the hole and the app will automatically calculate the win/loss statement for each player on the results tab. You can access the results tab at anytime should a player want to know their current status.

The results tab produces individual win/loss statements for each player, as well as a breakdown within individual bets. The app lets you easily switch between pages, and you can always return to the bet page to change, add or delete specific bets.

I was always the designated accountant in our group. When the match was over, I would spend considerable time tallying up the different bets

I figured there had to be a better way, and began building a spreadsheet that would quickly and accurately calculate each individual player’s Win/Loss amount. Over the past few years, the spreadsheet grew as bets and complexity were added. The goal was to get a spreadsheet that calculated every bet automatically, as quickly as you enter the scores.

Once the spreadsheet was finished, I decided to put it in app format to make life easier for the other golf accountants.

The result is a great calculator, without advertising, and full functionality at a great price. This app allows other golf accountants to be done as they walk off the 18th green. The Golf Accountant app has an option to email the scores and win/loss results to each player for record keeping.

If you are not the accountant in the group, now you can be. Or at a minimum, you can check the accountant’s work!

Hope you download and enjoy the App.

Golf Accountant

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