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To Count... more and more. Oh Yes, you notice that you have to do it on many situations and in various areas (number of guests, spending for the month, the weight of the suitcase, ...).
So, what do you usually do ? You do a mental calculation (error ???), you write on a piece of paper (loss ???), you use a sophisticated software on your smartphone or rather on your computer (complexity, availability ???).

With QikPlus, your are safe : you can do it in a very simple and practical way. In fact, it's an application that you can endlessly use once installed on your smartphone or your tablet.
You can trust on it : your counts will be right and you know what do they refer to; you can pause, resume and modify your entries; your can register them as memo items or for futur occasions.
Furthermore, you will able to share them using your messaging applications. Therefore, with QikPlus you can count efficiently with great confidence. So, get it quickly !

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