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 Location Logger 1.1

Location Logger is developed to continuously log location. The app is designed to record walking, jogging, running, hiking, trekking, biking tracks and similar outdoor activities. The app has feature to work in the background. The track points are recorded regularly after chosen time intervals. The app has feature to upload location history in real time to dedicated server. The client (this app) works with web server. This app and web server make a complete self-owned and self-controlled client-server solution.

• Simple user interface and small in size.
• Consumes low memory and has low battery impact.
• Collects either GPS and/or network based location data.
• Sync location data in real time with web-server, retries on failure.
• Offline mode available, manually upload location history to the server.
• Configurable settings to customize various options.
• Location data export to GPX format
• Automation using third party apps

Location Logger may accept commands from other apps for starting or stopping its operations. To enable this feature, go to app settings and enable this option ("Allow external commands" switch). For details and examples refer to github page.

The application is fork of Bartek Fabiszewski.

Privacy Policy
No other personal data relating to you (such as username or email address) is required. The app will not collect any of your personal information and also not share user behavior with anyone else.

For issues please contact on farbug94@gmail.com.

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