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 Driving Directions - Maps 2.0.6

Why do you use Driving Directions - Maps application?
- It is very easy to use, not complicated. The interface is optimized and manipulated quickly.
- Features:
+ You can search any address to driving directions. Here is good application for maps you can install it.
+ Show your location on the map .-> It's great to see your exact location on the map no matter where you are in the world. You just connect to wifi or internet
We offer 4 types of maps: satellite, hybrid, normal and terrain map.
+ Plan your route finder : You want to know where to find two locations: from position A to B. This application will draw the path and calculate the distance, time to complete it.
+ Copy address, coordinates: When you want to send your friends know location (including address, coordinates) you are standing then you perform this function. Also we provide another feature.
+ Show me location: with help to maps directions application, current your location will show on maps by marker.
Better than sharing photos via sms, email, social networking.
+ Zoom in, zoom out the map: On the application we have provided the control button, there are two control buttons. The + sign is the zoom, the mark is the thumbnail. You can also use your 2 fingers. to do this.
+ Share location by coordinate: you can copy or share coordinate(latitude and longitude) to social networks.
+ Show compass for directions
Voice guidance: the application will guide you through the voice in quite detail. Speech support any language when you install language for your phone.
+ location history: we will build this feature later
+ Get directions: There is a good search type in this app. It's a quick search from your location to other places and search from any two places. The app can show you the shortest distance. which it can find.
Depending on the vehicle you are involved in, such as walking, walking by motorbike, going by car .... -> will have the shortest path different.
+ Automatically find addresses: When you enter a certain address -> the application will suggest a list of addresses you need to find.
Find a location near me: If you go out of gasoline or run out of money, if you do not know the nearest gas station or ATM nearest you. You will spend a lot of time to search.
It is interesting to pop up this application, just a few seconds you can find it.
+ We support almost all types of locations: restaurants, coffee shops, police stations, gas stations, bookstores, universities, beauty parlors, zoos, ATMs, Banks, bars, bus stations, casinos,
clothing stores, dentists, doctors, hotels, supermarkets, hospitals, parks....
For better application development.
We look forward to receiving your app feedback or review. If you want to feedback for driving directions – maps application you can contact via email: softwareappmobile@gmail.com.

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