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 Surah Yasin, Tahlil Arabic & Meaning 1.1.7

Surah Yasin or Surah Ya Sin (Arabic: ??) is the 36th surah in the Qur'an. This Surah consists of 83 verses, and includes the Makkiyah suras. Named Ya Sin because this surah starts with two Arabic alphabets Ya Sin. As with the hidden meanings of the letters of the Alif Lam Mim alphabet or Nun which lie at the beginning of several surahs of the Koran, so too does the meaning of Ya Sin which is included in the category of verses seen.

Surah Yasin is the heart of the Koran, so it has a lot of features for its readers, including:
If it is read to people who are dying or dying, it can facilitate the release of the spirit. Rasulullah saw. said: "Read to the person (who will) die surah Yasin." (HR. Imam Abu Dawud)

By reading the surah Yasin Allah sets the reward like reading the Koran 10 times, Subhanallah ... From Anas ra. He said: Rasulullah saw. Saying: "Indeed, everything is at the heart, while the heart of Al-Quran is the surah Yasin, so Allah determines for him to read Al-Quran ten times".

Can give intercession to the reader, forgive the listener, get good in the world, lose his fear on the Day of Judgment, reject all kinds of crimes and bring all his purposes. From Ayesha ra. That the Messenger of Allah. Saying: "That in the Qur'an there is one surah who can give intercession to his readers and forgive his listeners, know that one surah Yasin which in the Torah is called" Al-Mu'ammah ". Asked: O Messenger of Allah is Al-Mu ' ammah? He said: "Which is the cause for people who read and hear get good in the world and eliminate the link in the hereafter. And the Yasin surah is also called "Ad-Dafi'ah" and "Al-Qadiyah". Asked by a friend: "O Messenger of Allah, why is that?" He said: "Because it can reject evil and be granted all the necessities for those who read it".

Can alleviate the torment of the grave. Dar Anas ra, that the Messenger of Allah. Said: "Whoever enters the cemetery then reads the surah Yasin, then Allah alleviates the torment of the tomb on that day, and the reader gets as much goodness as the people who are in it".

If you read it on Friday night, you will get forgiveness. From Abu Hurairah ra. That the Messenger of Allah. Said: "Whoever reads the surah Yasin on Friday night, then the morning gets forgiveness".

By reading surah Yasin can get ease. Mentioned in the hadith of Ad-Darimi from Shahr bin Hausab he said, Ibn Abbas said: "Whoever reads the surah Yasin at the time of the morning, it will get ease that day until evening. And whoever reads it at the beginning of the night, will find it easy that night until morning. "

If Surah Yasin is read in the middle of the night 4 times or 35 times on a regular basis, Insyallah can expand sustenance and facilitate the coming of sustenance. Likewise, if it is read 41 times, then the purpose is granted by Allah SWT.

We here want to share with friends about yasin and tahlil readings accompanied by Arabic, Indonesian and their meanings, do not miss also other interesting features, including can be used as Mp3, Applications can be obtained free of charge and can be used without hopefully internet network benefit thank you

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