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 VoiceCalories 1.0.9

VoiceCalories is an app that allows the calculation of the calories of a recipe from its ingredients and their quantities. The dictation of the ingredients and quantities thereof occurs in a mode interactive voice.
The whole recipe with ingredients, quantities, partial and total calories, while being dictated is written to an editable text box for the possible sending sms with button.
Everything ingredient database is common for all installations, resides on a server Internet, thus you can edit, update, improve the database based on user feedback without having to modify in any way the resident app on android device.
VoiceCalories is able to work both in Italian and in English by setting through appropriate button.

NOTE: VoiceCalories requires the prior installation of voice data of the Italian and English speech synthesis engine (free). The same is true for speech recognition: the voice data to be loaded for Italian and English. (Settings-> Language & input).

VoiceCalories - can begin. pronunciation ingredient and quantity in grams. to finish preliminary TOTAL.
user - bread 200.
VoiceCalories - there are more possibilities. choose one. 0 - wholemeal bread wheat. 1 - white bread.
User - 1
VoiceCalories - white bread 200 grams 476 kilocalories. Other?
user - tomato 200
VoiceCalories - tomato 200 grams 34 kilocalories. Other?
user - TOTAL
VoiceCalories - Total 510 kilocalories. Good Lunch!

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