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 Rush!Music - Sight Reading 1.6.0

Improve skills of the music sheet by the game!
Learn note position, and chords!

Do you want to be able to quickly read a music score?
Rush!Music will help you, and fun! It gives a good solfege!
Let's master the staff score!

■Notes that appear one after the other. Trying to answer the key name within the time limit.

■According to the beat! High scores if the correct answers in a row!

■Questions range is different. The most simple, it is possible to learn a single note. Depending on the configuration, and a variety of chords, the basic chord progression will be questions.

■By Electric Piano and other, the notes will be played in a clear sound.

■In the game options, you can select a variety!

・Key (C, Db/C#, D, Eb ... All 24 key. To display the key signature in the music sheet)
・Scale (Major, Minor)
・Chord (Root, Triad, 7th, Diminished, etc ... All 13 kinds!)
・Clef (Treble, Bass, Alto, etc ...)
・Range (High, Mid, Low)
・Inversion (It will shift the notes that make up the chord. Until the third inverted)
・BPM (To adjust the speed of the game)
・Sound Type (Electric Piano, Grand Piano, Acoustic Guitar, etc ...)
・Button Type (Square, Keyboard)
and more ...

* Some of the items can be selected only in the full version. Furthermore, full version does not display ads. Of game options from "Buy full version", please purchase the updater!!

■Above Android4.0.3, this application is available.

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