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 Bunny Battle Cula Adventure 1.0

Buni Battle Cula Adventure is the most exciting and most exciting game of all time. You will get the most amazing experience when you play game BunniculaAdventure this, which is very interesting pitted your adrenaline and protector of earth.

You have to be a good super hero and like to help people in danger, SuperBuniculaRoyal adventure there are some obstacles and obstacles that confront you on the way to the monsters of monsters. Some of the monsters that confront you are kill all the zombie like gorilla, wolves,fire boy, cats,dogs, humans, yeti, ultimate alien and boss stone. some commanders such as ice monster, fire monsters, ground monsters, and water monsters from the four commanders of the elements you must defeat You can save people and BunniculaSauve harold who have been captured by evil bosses.

Other hurdles that will confront you are sudden earthquakes, tsunami floods, and landslides from several devil hills. You will be equipped with some super power that you can use when you are dealing with the mosnter and obstacles, such as super jet power, jump, slide, magnet, jetpack, BuniculaJump, and many others who are ready to help you anytime so you can save mankind.

how to play
You will be equipped with some play buttons in the early stages, and in the next stage, there will be a lot of super hero power buttons that you can use to fight all your enemies.

- many level
- Graphics Design and animation is very thorough.
- Fun and games for free super metrobot.
- Have a vibration force when something out of the ground.
- Free & easy to play, challenging to master
- Mass of zombies attack
- Crazy action game to survive
- Special bullet range attack
- Classic platform game controller
- Addictive gameplay
- Facebook Share
- Have a nice graphical style and the HD display.
- Has an excellent UI menu.
- Some weapons

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