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 A51 1.3

The government holds many secrets… secrets involving close encounters of the third kind. Those secrets are housed in a secured facility called A-51. Built using state of the art and alien technology, it has been an impenetrable fortress for decades.

But now, a new threat is on the horizon. A large army of some of the most advanced super-soldiers the world has ever seen. With battalions of N-Runners, Rock-Throwers, and Monster Kyles, this abomination of a force has set their sights on A-51. They are led by the invulnerable Florida Man, which the folklore of old tells us can never be killed.

Its up to you to defend A-51, and preserve the invaluable assets hidden within. Can you survive 21 hours or attacks and stop the hordes of evil from breaching the facility and stealing the extraterrestrial residents who reside inside?

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    8. 9. 2019

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